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Title: Preschool Behavior Questionnaire

Code  PBQ
Test  Preschool Behavior Questionnaire
ChkTest  False
Versions  1
Version  Preschool Behavior Questionnaire
PubYear  1974
CostFK  12
CostM  5
User Requirements  Bachelor's Degree
Contact:Name  Lenore B. Behar, Ph.D
Contact:Organization  Child & Family Program Strategies
Contact:Address  1821 Woodburn Road
Contact:City  Durham
Contact:State  NC
Contact:Zip  27705
Contact:Phone  9194891888
Contact:Fax  9194891832
Contact:Other address/information  
ChkContactOther  False
Permission  True
Whoseperm  Lenore B. Behar
Author  Lenore B. Behar & Samuel Stringfield
StrConstruct  Aggression, Hyperactivity, Fearfulness
Construct:Aggression  False
Construct:Hyperactivity  False
Construct:Bullying  False
Construct:Conduct Problems  False
Construct:Social skills  False
Construct:Anti-social  False
Construct:Defiance  False
Construct:Violence  True
Construct:Victimization  False
Construct:Anger  False
Construct:Other  False
Construct:Aggressiveness  False
Construct:Assertiveness  False
Construct:Submissiveness  False
Construct:SocInfoProc  False
Construct:Perpetration  False
Agemin  3
Agemax  6
NumItems  36
Subscales  Hostile-Aggressive, Anxious-Fearful, Hyperactive-Distractible
ChkSubscales  True
AdminMethod  I
InfoSource:self  False
InfoSource:Parent  False
InfoSource:Teacher  True
InfoSource:Peer  False
InfoSource:Therapist  True
InfoSource:Law enforcementofficer  False
InfoSource:Observer  False
MeasureType  Likert
ScoreProc  Manual
ScoreCost  0
PsyFullScale  False
PsySubScale  True
IntConMin  0
IntConMax  0
TestRetestMin  0.6
TestRetestMax  0.94
IntRateRelMin  0.67
IntRateRelMax  0.81
CritVal  False
Material  Instrument
Manual  True
OrigRef  Behar, L., & Stringfield, S. (1974). A behavior rating scale for the preschool child. Developmental Psychology, 601-610.
Lowest grade  -1
Highest grade  0
Nmax  747
OrigPop  U.S. Preschools.
ChkOrigPop  True
OrigSES:Min  Low
OrigSES:Max  Upper Middle
OrigCultEth:Black  True
OrigCultEth:White  True
OrigCultEth:Hispanic  False
OrigCultEth:Indian  False
OrigCultEth:Asian  False
OrigCultEth:Other  False
KeyRef  Behar, L. B. (1977). The Preschool Behaviour Questionaire. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 5, 265-275.

Tremblay, R. E., et al. (1987). The Preschool Behaviour Questionnaire: Stability of its Structure Between Cultures, Sexes, Ages and Socioeconomic Clases. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 10 (4), 467-484.

Moller, L. C., & Rubin, K. H. (1988). A psychometric assessment of a two-factor solution for the Preschool Behavior Questionnaire in mid-childhood. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 9, 167-180.

Stormont-Spurgin, M., & Zentall, S. S. (1995). Contributing factors in the manifestation of aggression in preschoolers with hyperactivity. Journal of Child Psychology, Psychiatry, and Allied Disciplines, 36 (3), 491-509.
ChkKeyRef  True
Abstract  The Preschool Behavior Questionnaire (PBQ) represents a modification to the Children's Behavior Questionnaire (Rutter, 1967). Developed as a screening instrument for use by mental health professionals, the PBQ identifies preschoolers who indicate symptoms of emotional problems. This instrument can also be used as a pre- and post- test measure of children to show changes in behavior over time.
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