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Title: Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales - Second Edition

Code  PKBS
Test  Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales - Second Edition
ChkTest  False
Versions  1
Version  Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales - Second Edition
PubYear  2003
CostFK  76
CostM  39
User Requirements  None
Contact:Organization  PRO-ED
Contact:Address  8700 Shoal Creek Blvd
Contact:City  Austin
Contact:State  TX
Contact:Zip  78757-6869
Contact:Phone  8008973202
Contact:Fax  8003977633
Contact:Other address/information  
ChkContactOther  False
Permission  True
Whoseperm  PRO-ED
Author  Kenneth Merrell
StrConstruct  Social Skills, Problem Behaviors, Aggression, Hyperactivity, Anti-Social
Construct:Aggression  False
Construct:Hyperactivity  False
Construct:Bullying  False
Construct:Conduct Problems  False
Construct:Social skills  False
Construct:Anti-social  False
Construct:Defiance  False
Construct:Violence  True
Construct:Victimization  False
Construct:Anger  False
Construct:Other  False
Construct:Aggressiveness  False
Construct:Assertiveness  False
Construct:Submissiveness  False
Construct:SocInfoProc  False
Construct:Perpetration  False
Agemin  3
Agemax  6
NumItems  76
Subscales  Social Cooperation, Social Interaction, Social Independence, Self-Centered/Explosive, Attention Problems/Overactive, Antisocial/Aggressive, Social Withdrawal, Anxiety/Somatic Problems, Externalizing Problems, and Internalizing Problems
ChkSubscales  True
AdminTime  8-12
AdminMethod  I
InfoSource:self  False
InfoSource:Parent  True
InfoSource:Teacher  True
InfoSource:Peer  False
InfoSource:Therapist  False
InfoSource:Law enforcementofficer  False
InfoSource:Observer  False
MeasureType  Likert
ScoreProc  Manual
ScoreCost  0
PsyFullScale  False
PsySubScale  True
IntConMin  0.84
IntConMax  0.97
TestRetestMin  0.62
TestRetestMax  0.87
IntRateRelMin  0.36
IntRateRelMax  0.63
CritVal  True
Material  Instrument
Manual  True
OrigRef  Merrell, K. W. (2003). Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales - Second Edition. Austin, TX: PRO-ED.
Lowest grade  -1
Highest grade  1
Nmax  3313
OrigPop  Separate norms exist for the home-rater version and the school-rater version of the PKBS-2.
Samples include children from a broad array of data collection settings, including public school kindergartens and preschools, private preschools, Head Start programs, and pediatric clinics in 17 states representing each U.S. geographic region.
ChkOrigPop  True
OrigCultEth:Black  True
OrigCultEth:White  True
OrigCultEth:Hispanic  True
OrigCultEth:Indian  True
OrigCultEth:Asian  True
OrigCultEth:Other  True
KeyRef  Merrell, K. W. (1996). Social-emotional assessment in early childhood: The Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales. Journal of Early Intervention, 20 (2), 132-145.

Jentzsch, C. E., & Merrell, K. W. (1996). An investigation of the construct validity of the Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales. Diagnostique, 21 92), 1-15.

Merrell, K. W. (1996). Social-emotional problems in early childhood: New directions in conceptualization, assessment, and treatment. Education and treatment of children, 19 (4), 458-473.
ChkKeyRef  True
Abstract  The Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scale - 2nd Edition (PKBS-2) is a 76 item ratings scale designed to measure both problem behaviors and social skills of children ages 3-6. The PKBS-2 contains two major scales: social skills and social behavior. The social skills scale measures positive social skill characteristics of well adjusted children. The problem behavior scale measures problem behaviors with young children who are experiencing adjustment problems. This instrument can be used as a screening tool for identifying at risk children and can be used to develop appropriate interventions. The PKBS-2 is designed for completion by parents or teachers, but may also be completed by other individuals who know the child well enough to make an informed rating. A Spanish language form is available.
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