Program Name Bry's Behavioral Monitoring and Reinforcement Program

Formerly known as "Preventive Intervention," Bry's Behavioral Monitoring and Reinforcement Program is a secondary, school-based preventive intervention that aims to prevent juvenile delinquency, substance use, and school failure among high-risk adolescents in middle or junior high school. It attempts to decrease students' cynicism and increase their efficacy to deal with academic and social problems. BMRP endorses the belief that students' actions can bring about desired consequences and reinforces this belief by soliciting participation from teachers, parents, and individuals. BMRP has been replicated in several New Jersey towns (e.g., Highland Park, South River, Neptune, Middletown, and Franklin Township), as well as in Rochester, New York. The program has been selected by the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence for inclusion among its “Promising” programs.

Target Population

- Grade Level: from  Seventh grade to  Ninth grade

Target Behaviors

- Alcohol and/or drug use
- Social competency/life skills

Significant Effects

- Other drug use
- Other behaviors
- Associated factors


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