Program Name School-Based Youth Services Program (SBYSP)

The School-Based Youth Services Program (SBYSP) was launched in 1988 as a New Jersey-wide initiative to integrate a range of services for adolescents in one location at or near schools. SBYSP seeks to provide young people with services and supports needed to navigate the adolescent years, complete high school, remain alcohol- and drug-free, obtain skills leading to employment or additional education, and lead a mentally and physically healthy life. Individually-oriented services remain central to the work of most projects. The School-Based model includes recreation, health care, mental health and family counseling, job and employment training, and substance abuse counseling. Many sites provide additional services, including teen pregnancy education, day care, transportation, tutoring, family planning, and hotlines. A premise of the program is that SBYSP not do anything that the school itself could be doing. Partnerships between the schools and community agencies are important to SBYSP achieving its goals. SBYSP has won prestigious awards for innovative practice. The New Jersey School-Based Youth Services Program has been awarded the American Public Welfare Associationís Successful Projects Initiative Award, and the Harvard University/Ford Foundation Innovations Award. The model was first initiated in New Jersey in 1988. It has since been adapted in Kentucky and Iowa, and 15 additional sites were funded and opened in 2000-01.

Target Population

- Grade Level: from  Sixth grade to  Twelfth grade

Target Behaviors

- Tobacco use
- Alcohol and/or drug use
- Social competency/life skills
- Violence-related behaviors

Significant Effects

- Other behaviors
- Associated factors


Roberta Knowlton School-Based Youth Service Program New Jersey Department of Human Services
PO Box 700
Trenton , NJ 08625
Phone: 609-292-7901
Fax: 609-984-3528

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